At Mirth Control Comedy we are uniquely placed to source the hottest undiscovered comedy talent for TV, advertising, radio and stage shows. This rich source of untapped talent is waiting for you and we are can help you find it.

We have one of the best records of any independent comedy bookers in terms of developing and breaking new talent, due to both the volume and diversity of our venues. We mix 'up and coming' talent with experienced comedians to blend the best possible line-ups for stand-up comedy shows. We fill a very fertile middle ground with The Comedy Store at one end of the spectrum and 'try out' nights in pubs at the other. All of which gives us access to the broadest range of comedic talent.

Our knowledge of the very specific styles and types of comics out there is comprehensive, which means we can effectively respond to any casting enquiry. If you require a certain type of comic with reference to age, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, shape, height, size, religious faith, background, specific skills (acting/dancing/singing) or more, we will be able to get best suited names out to you on the same day. We have placed comics for TV warm up work, TV commercials and TV shows during which time we have been asked to locate a comics best suited to a hugely diverse range of roles very successfully.

In short, we have our ear to the ground at all times. If someone is creating a buzz on the comedy circuit, you can be sure we already know them.

Mirth Control's founder, Geoff Whiting, has an excellent track record of talent spotting. He booked Jimmy Carr for his first ever paid gig at our club in Plymouth.

Other acts who have taken their first steps in Mirth Control venues include Stephen Merchant, Mackenzie Crook, Jason Manford, Alan Carr, Rufus Hound and Mathew Horne.

Just think - if we knew about those guys before they broke, we have a pretty good idea who will be big in a few years time.

There is a lot of untapped talent out there...

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"I love Geoff Whiting and Mirth Control! Geoff always produces wonderful new talent to freshen up my comedy casting sessions" - Capataz Casting

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