London Calling Benefit Show for Humanitarian Aid

News posted: Wednesday 21st May 2014

London Calling Benefit Show for Humanitarian Aid



A message from our friends and colleagues at London Calling. It is our pleasure to help and we echo thanks to the acts who have donated their time.


London Calling has been visiting Osijek on a regular bases, for more the three years now. In Belgrade we also had a couple of regular shows in recent years.
We brought Eddie Izzard to both cities and Dylan to Belgrade.

People in Slavonija and Belgrade love good comedy, we have always felt at home there.

We are coming again, in the time of need.

Osijek was spared the floods but the region of Slavonija was heavily affected. The Serbian town of Obrenovac near Belgrade was completely submerged.

With the great help of our friends from Mirth Control agency, and with the generous help of comedians Jeff Leach, Russell Hicks and Mike Sheer we are visiting Belgrade and Osijek in June to bring a bit of laughter and to help raise desperately needed funds for the areas hit by the floods.
Northern Bosnia is practically submerged, and heavy rain triggered landslides all over the country.
We hope that in September or October we are going to be able to put together a couple of humanitarian shows in Bosnia as well.

We are also going to spread the word across the comedy industry in the UK about needs for donations.


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