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Stella Graham

Stella Graham is a naturally funny stand-up comedian. Shameless, charmingly aggressive and unladylike, she's the funniest half Sri Lankan lass from Coventry. Stella has entertained audiences all around the world, from the Comedy Store in LA to the New Zealand Comedy Festival and Adelaide Fringe and has taken 6 hour long shows to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Brighton Fringe and Leicester Comedy Festival.

If you're a TV executive, drop what you're doing and go see her now                                                                                               The Skinny


A slick, sharp and polished set, balanced with a warmth and charm that had our audience queuing up to meet her after the gig! Superb!                                                                            Nodding Dog Comedy


Fun and original... everything a good comedian should be: self-assured, likeable and, crucially, funny                Broadway Baby ****

She's got a terrifically funny way with one liners, as they subverted expectations and delivered punch lines which were squarely at your sides                                                                                              TVNZ

Laugh-a-minute!!!                               Fringe Benefits, Adelaide Fringe

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