Freya McGhee

Having left a job at the Harry Potter Studio Tour after 3 years of somehow getting by without ever watching the films, Freya McGhee moved to Brighton to study Chemistry but found a passion for live comedy instead. A self-deprecating style matched with a determination to seek revenge on ex boyfriends, McGhee's relatable style ensures a chemical bond with all audiences.

Freya is asking the big questions in life now she's an adult (technically) so when will she start to feel like one? Will her mate (and boys on tinder) ever stop telling her she looks like Sid the Sloth? And will her mum ever stop and think about what's she just said?

To book Freya please contact:

Jennie tel 07854 468092

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"Freya is one of those acts that whenever I'm on the bill with her it's like 'OH HELL YES!' She is so funny it's actually annoying!' – Helen Bauer, Edinburgh Comedy Awards Best Newcomer 2019.