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Julius Howe

Julius Howe was born in London and has spent most of his life living there. He has sometimes thought about leaving but doesn't really know where else to go.

His comedy is "left-field and side splittingly funny" (his own words) and since 2015, at clubs across the UK, he has been making a name for himself as one to watch (again, his own words).

  • Finalist in South Coast Comedian of the Year 2017

  • Beat the Gong at Comedy Store King Gong

  • Beat the Gong at The Blackout Up The Creek

  • Beat the Gong at Portsmouth Spinnaker Tower Comedy Gong Show

Good strong jokes......Otiz Cannelloni

A true hit. I loved his comedy style and his musings on life. Mixed in with the fun and laughter were some good, deep observations on life. Julius embodies the generational voice of so many......North West End ★★★★

Julius Howe
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