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Alex Gibbon

Alex is a UK based comedian who has performed their gleefully pessimistic style of comedy all around the country, including at multiple prides across the southwest, with audiences ranging from 100 - 2000 people. They're also among the first artists ever to be awarded the Phoebe Waller Bridge Keep It Fringe Fund for their show "Fat, Femme and Crippled".


Having become non- verbal due to a neurological disorder, Alex now drives their mobility scooter on the intersections of disability, queer culture, and survival of the fattest, as they talk about everything from the perils of text to speech technology, to proving that bad life choices are not just a luxury of the able bodied.


Be sure to be delighted and disgusted as Alex holds nothing back!

Alex got to the semi finals of the BBC New Comedy Awards 2023. 

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Alex Gibbon.jpg
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